Greenflo Doors

Greenflo Technical Wood Door System is the latest innovation and combination of designs and technology. Made of high density Technical Wood, Greenflo Door was designed and engineered to enhance its uniqueness of stability/safe, and resistance to warping. Fire rated to 30/ 45/ 60 minutes.

Major Performances

Moist & Heat Resistance
A tested material for fire rated door was chosen to be the core material of every Greenflo Door give better quality assurance.

Durable & Stable
High density Technical Wood enhances its durability and stability.

Extra Security
Equipped with specially designed 3 Points Lock System from Australia to provide additional security (optional).

Made of Technical Wood
A real solid recycled wood material to ensure long lasting of the door.

Latest Technology
State of art technology from Germany was brought in to apply in the development and production.

Environmentally Friendly
Rated E1 Standard core material to give a green environment to our home and our future.

The Classic Series of Greenflo Door is made of high density Technical Wood topped with specially designed molded door skin. This is a combination of workmanship, experience and latest technology from Germany. Each door is specially engineered by professional technician and undergoes a series of stringent inspection prior installation.

The Classic Series focus on tradtional and classical designs. Suitable for every single modern household, there are 5 different designs with various colors available for selection.

HDB Code Of Practice for the use of timber in building


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