The material we use: Technical Wood

Greenflo is not just an environment-friendly but also a cost-effective door & flooring system that enhances the natural beauty of your home.

It is an ideal substitute for wood, one of the Nature's precious resource which is used for floorings. Its base is made of high-density Technical Wood topped with a 100% solid wood veneer of 2mm thickness.


This surface comes in a wide range of species such as oak, maple, beech, teak and others, it gives your floors an authentic wood appearance and feel, thus creating a sophisticated and warm ambience for your home. The surface is resandable which ensures a finish that looks new and lustrous year after year.


Greenflo is the ideal pre-finished, resandable* and value-for-money door & flooring system for modern-day living in this new millennium.

You can be assured, or a safe and conducive environment, especially if you have children. Thanks to the low formaldehyde emission from Greenflo.

  * after 5 - 8 years in use (depending on the condition of wear and tear), the face veneer layer can be resanded and lacquered again.  
  Major Strengths of Technical Wood

    • Environment-friendly.
    • MUF used in technical wood enhances heat and water resistances.
    • Moisture content of less than 10% reduces the risk of thickness swelling.
    • Special UV Acrylic Urethane coating provides scratch resistance.
    • Hygienic and free from dust-mite.
    • Low formaldehyde emission.
  Test Data of Technical Wood

Physical Properties

Test Result


Density (kg/m3)


EN 323

Internal Bond (N/mm2)


EN 319

Formaldehyde Emission Level

3 mg/100g (1)

EN 120

Bending Strength (MOR) (kg/cm2)


EN 310

Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) (kg/cm2)


EN 310

Thickness Tolerance (mm)


DIN 68 763

Width Tolerance (mm)


DIN 68 763

Nail Holding Strength (N/mm)



Swell & Water Soak 24 hours

5.0 - 7.0

EN 317

Thermal Resistance

< 120 °C


Moisture Content


EN 322

Type of Glue



Emission from Flue Gas
During Combustion

Similar to
Natural Wood


  Remarks : (1) Formaldehyde Emission Level 3mg/100g = E1  
  Toxicity Test

    • As these are process timber and additive like glue is used during the compression.
    • This test report on the substance use on is non toxic.
    • Click here to download Test Report
LHT takes full responsibility for the design and manufacture of Greenflo to ensure all products are free from material manufacturing defects. LHT will resolve all warranty issues fairly, promptly and efficiently.

Please feel free to contact LHT for complete warranty details.
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